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Little Flower Convent School bases its program of curriculum on the convection that every child can be guided to perfection to the experience of God within him and in every element of creation/nature the expression of which is love and service to the humanity. To attain this sublime objective and purpose of life every child has to be provide with physically beautiful , emotionally supportive and carefully structured home like environment to know and feel the immense innate talents and creative thoughts and vision. The little flower family offer such a beautiful and serene home. The child’s day here naturally flows between social and individual activities that reflect the child’s need for both active and quite play. Little flower convent school prepares the children to seek admission in little flower convent school, Gurusarsahai. The integral growth and formation of the young generation, being our goal, every efforts is made to help the student to grow in creative learning habits and accurate expression particular stress is laid on character formation and training for self discipline, responsibility, personal growth and leadership. Courtesy, etiquette and good manners are instilled in the pupil from the beginning of his/her school life. Upholding the cultural and spiritual heritage of India, the school assiduously and endeavors to inculcate in to students, moral and spiritual values needed for a life that is socially meaningful. The teacher is specially trained to create wholesome environment for the physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child. Besides the teachers, the roll of parents in the formation is invaluable. The whole hearted commitment of the parents to the values and visions of the institute would help to fruition the dreams of every child of little flower convent school..