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It is rightly said "Science is a subject based only on Observations". Our school has a well equipped Physics laboratory. The lab is spacious and adequately ventilated. Students have always found it interesting to try new experiments, explore new concepts and ultimately learn through observations. This is a perfect utopia which gives birth to the physicists of tomorrow.


Chemistry lab is big and spacious and can accommodate around 30 students at a time. It is well lit and airy keeping in mind the fumes of chemicals and the acids used for experiments. It is well equipped and has the modern infrastructure needed to create and sustain interest of students.


Biology Lab is spacious. It is well equipped with charts, models specimens, etc. Permanent slides include cytology, animal tissues, plant tissues, reproduction and micro organism. There is also a garden with flowers, trees and other herbal plants for botanical practicals and a small pond for aquatic studies. Biology lab provides best place for students to learn the topics by doing it.


Computer lab is the place where we transform students into personalities who are well equipped to face the challenges of technically heavily loaded environment of the modern world. Through programming methodologies we help them to develop sound reasoning power for achieving logical solution to any problem.